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10 Mar 2019, Article
Educational Music for Piano with Big Notes
I am busy with upload of educational piano sheet music files with  notes   bigger scaled to 130%. The files can be found on this page of my  sheet music catalogue   : The catalogue will be countinuously updated. New scores come every week, please stay tuned. If you need any other sheet music lso for other instruments or voices,  let me know  !
09 Aug 2012, Article
The miracle of voice
The creator of human voices (which specializes also in creation of human souls) extended a thin path – a special connection – between the voice of a singer and the heart of a listener. While listening to an opera or classical vocal music we enjoy the sound of voice and the music itself, mostly because we do not understand Italian, French or German. :) But even though we don’t understand the words, we can get the idea what this song is about. A singer is an instrument itself, and the mechanism which ...
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