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09 Aug 2012

The miracle of voice

This is absolutely clear for me that the human voice is the most amazing and mysterious musical instrument ever created.

The creator of human voices (which specializes also in creation of human souls) extended a thin path – a special connection – between the voice of a singer and the heart of a listener. While listening to an opera or classical vocal music we enjoy the sound of voice and the music itself, mostly because we do not understand Italian, French or German. :) But even though we don’t understand the words, we can get the idea what this song is about.

A singer is an instrument itself, and the mechanism which generates the sound is the one of the most inexplicable things in the world, I think. Most probably singers do not realize how it works. For them it must be quite a simple thing to sing the sound they want. Of course it doesn’t work at once in many cases and one must study many ears to be able to use his voice in the best way. But the speed of an impulse going from the brain and making the whole mechanism working is one of the fastest things existing, the same as the speed of light perhaps. While singing we don’t notice any time gap between the moment when we realize which note we want to sing and the moment when the sound appears. Isn’t it incredible? A performance of a great singer makes this impression even stronger. 

At the video you can see that the range of colors we can hear in the voice of Cecilia Bartoli is endless. There isn’t any other instrument whose construction would allow expressing that infinitude of nuances. The voice and the human itself is a miracle. Let’s not forget about it!


Robert Jörg Beirer
11 Aug 2012
Spaßig, gute Kondition,Der Gesichtsausdruck verrät einiges. Der Kampf mit der Musik und Cecilia Bartoli hat ihn gewonnen.